Great Sources for Tech and Teaching Ideas

Since I have begun tweeting, I have discovered some wonderful resources. One of those resources is Alice Keeler. She is a Google Guru for sure. She has a website called Teacher Tech. She shares tools that we have available but just don’t know about or aren’t sure how to use. Just today, I was using Google Keep in the taxi on the way back from my doctor’s appointment to add to my to-do list. When I got home, Alice had tweeted a link to her site about how to use Google Keep in the classroom with students. I am going to get my kids on it right away. They can convert notes to Google docs, they can record notes, they can take pics of images with text that then become editable. It is amazing and all I have been doing is putting reminders on mine. There is an app and a web-based version. There is color coding and labeling available, too, for organizing all of these notes and thoughts and reminders.

Kasey Bell is another Twitter user who provides great ideas about Chrome Extensions and Apps as well as other tools on her Shake Up Learning blog. Many of these extensions and apps help EAL students read or understand a page. Some, like Flubaroo, help teacher productivity and efficiency. There is one that will summarize a web page/article for you if it is too long to read! Most of them are free for teachers.

If you are a math teacher, then you should be following Monica Burns, but she isn’t limited to math. I always read her tweets to see if anything applies to my teaching. Find her ideas here on Class Tech Tips.

The last site I will share with you today is TeachThought. It is often about technology, but not always. I frequently share TeachThought articles on Facebook and I follow them on Twitter. I find their posts thought-provoking–hence the name, right? They create interesting infographics and other illustrations that I like to use or have handy for presentations.

So there you have it–a few folks/sites to get ideas from. If you visit one of these sites and get inspired to try something, please make a comment and let me know how it went.

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