Quizlet Live

I have used Quizlet for a number of years now. I find it to be a great tool for teaching kids content vocabulary in science and social studies. I use it for literary terms and some grammar terms as well. The kids love the game Scatter. It doesn’t only offer games, though. It offers flashcards and tests too. But now the folks at Quizlet have created a game format called Quizlet Live.

It gives you a link for the kids to go to and a code for them to enter. They put in their names and as the teacher, you have the option of creating random teams. Then, what appears on  student’s screen is their team mates’ options along with theirs. A word is displayed at the top and the members of the team click on the correct answer. Meanwhile, on the teacher’s screen, the teams are represented as sliding markers. Whenever a team misses a question, the team moves back to the starting position.

There is an option to shuffle teams too and we did that. It was so fun to watch the kids move to sit with their teammates. They were very excited to play and really learned the words.

I recommend you try Quizlet Live if you haven’t already. And if you’ve never used Quizlet, you need to right away.

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