In my last post, I shared TeachThought’s Six Digital Tools. I decided to try one of them even though it is the end of the year.

I am reading Wringer by Jerry Spinelli aloud to my class. We are about 50% of the way through the book. I wanted to stop and see what they were thinking and to find out what some of their predictions were. I thought this app, Recap, would be great for that.

Recap lets you record a video so I could have read a section of the text or done something else to set up these questions, but this time I didn’t do that.

My students’ laptops are four years old which may not sound too bad, but they are limping to the end of the year. What this means is that activating the camera and the microphone often resulted in errors or long wait times. Recap is an app so recording on an iPad would most likely be much faster. Even so, about ten of my kids persevered and finished recording all five questions.

A student can join a class using just the class PIN or via Google. We use Google so we signed up that way and then added the class PIN to access the assignment. That part was smooth. Creating the assignment was very easy as well.

A student can listen to their recording and decide it is fine or decide to re-record it. If they are happy with it, they click on next. A red bar moves across the top of the screen and then the next question pops up.

There are a couple of features I really like. One is a share feature which allows you to email the student or anyone else with the video or you can get a weblink. And the other feature is called a Daily Recap which combines some responses. I have a few links I will post so you can see what it looks like.

Student One

Student Two

Daily Recap

A blog post about Recap

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