Classcraft Has Arrived!

Today I launched Classcraft with my science classes. The kids were very excited to say the least. I put up the Classcraft poster I was given at the workshop I attended at ASB Unplugged in Mumbai and the kids were attracted to it like magnets. It is very rewarding as a teacher to see your students get so motivated about something. The kids took to the gaming elements right away, of course. I’m no gamer so this is a steep learning curve for me. I watched video tutorials and read over the rules and points many, many times so I would have a clue going into it. I still struggle to find the screen I need to do certain tasks like changing team names and so on. Using the iPad with the Classcraft app will make managing the points much simpler for sure.

Quite a few of my students have ventured into the messaging functions and some have even found the content section and started those tasks I left there for them.

Tomorrow, we can’t spend as much time on it as we did today getting set up, but I think we will do a Random Event. After that, the students need to perform the tasks I put in the content section. I think it might change some of the less desirable behaviors that occur in one of my classes. I’ll keep you posted.

If you want to know more about Classcraft, check out this link.

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