Final Assessment Reflection

Is there any benefit to using technology for assessment?  Explain.
I think there are many benefits to using technology for assessment. It saves the environment because paper is not used. It allows for the inclusion of more diverse media such as audio and video. Depending on the tool used, the assessment can have various question types that call for various responses. Again depending on the tool used, the assessment can be graded quickly. Feedback is often immediate for the student. Using technology to assess students makes knowing what students know and don’t know efficient and less arduous.


Share any thoughts or reflections that the students had on using technology with this assessment.
My students use a lot of different tech tools in my room. They have a terrific attitude about trying them out. They provide sincere feedback about whether something has bugs or the log-in is too difficult to remember. Google Forms are very familiar to them as they are used throughout our school for many different purposes. They prefer tools that give immediate feedback. They like some of the glitzy features like music and memes.


How did using technology change how you taught, monitored student progress, changed what you were learning in class, assessed or provided feedback for assignments, projects, quizzes, tests, or exit tickets.

Discovering Go Formative and Quizizz early in the school year as I was researching for my tech presentation, has made a difference in terms of how often I assess. I feel like I know much more about what they are and aren’t getting. Having that data influences the pace of my instruction and frequently the insertion of additional lessons to address areas that kids are finding difficult. That data allows me to form small groups to remediate and/or enrich. This year, I’ve asked my students to assess themselves using the results and then to choose what to work more on based on them. I feel like that has been a shift toward more student-led learning. Assessment using technology has made this more possible.

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