Digital Portfolios or Visible Learning Portfolios

In the assessment course, we learned about Visible Learning Portfolios in a Google Hangout by Holly Clark. You can find her slide show she shared at this link.
She mentioned a book called Show Your Work by Austin Kleon.
Holly Clark suggests using Screencastify or Explain Everything to have the student describe what was learned and/or revised as part of the reflection. She cautions against using a Google Form to collect what used to be collected on paper. In her presentation, she recommends SeeSaw for K-3 and Google Sites for 4 and above.

I know this is something the admin are thinking about adding to the Strategic Plan. From my coursework, a Google slide presentation on  digital portfolios states that: “When you are going to create Digital Portfolios with your students, you should first establish the purpose of the portfolio.


  • Demonstrate Learning – students post throughout the year to show how much they are learning

  • Demonstrate Mastery – teacher shares standards and students post artifacts to show they meet standards (probably only shared with teacher and parents)

  • Showcase of Published Work – student or teacher choice of what goes on the ePortfolio (can be shared as narrow or wide as you want)”

I think it will be exciting to begin creating an authentic collection of student learning and reflection about that learning.



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