Learning Spaces as the Third Teacher

This document has loads of pictures and reflections about what I learned in this two-week course on how the learning space we provide for our students plays a major role in their learning–hence, the third teacher. (By the way, adults-parents and teachers are the first teacher and peers are the second teacher.) There is a book on the subject and a group who consult and do classroom make-overs. I learned so much about what is out there and what is possible.

I’m also including a video I created using VideoScribeAnywhere which is the post assessment for this course.

I also had to contribute a slide to several presentations that represented the Space Drivers: Collaboration, Exploration, Student-Centered, Creativity, and I selected this driver–Reducing Clutter. (I didn’t provide the links to these Google Slide Presentations.)

This was my last of the six two-week courses. I must say that I learned a ton and was very stimulated by the interaction. I recommend it if you want to up your game in terms of teaching and technology. Edtechteamonline–Future Ready Teachers

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