Zaption–a tool I love is going away

Zaption is a tool I love and that I used a lot in science. It allows you to take videos or bits of videos and put them together to create a lesson. You can add questions and images and all sorts of things. It gave you the analysis of how the kids did with the questions. I liked it so much better than EdPuzzle which I have always found limited and clunky. (Sorry EdPuzzle.) But Zaption has been purchased by WorkDay and will no longer be available. I can download my lessons and other apps like EdPuzzle and PlayPosit are offering ways to transition my lessons to their sites. But, I’m still sad about losing a tool that I found so easy to use and deliver to my students.

I am still suffering from the loss of Shelfari (my personal use). I don’t like Goodreads near as much as I loved my Shelfari. Amazon–I think you picked the wrong sister to save–but that is just my opinion.

Perhaps EdPuzzle will add some of the features I loved. One can only hope.

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