KWL with Padlet

Thank you Richard Byrne who creates the site Free Technology for Teachers for making this video on how to use Padlet to create KWLs for your students. He uses another app I love called Stitch. His site is a good source for tools that are free and easy to use in the classroom. I especially like Padlet and its versatility in terms of sharing and creating and saving the results. Using a KWL like this works well for any unit of study.

Knowing you can bring in your own templates makes this tool even more useful.

I also use Padlet for small group book discussions by setting up a Padlet with or without prompts for classwork and homework for each group. It is good for class read aloud discussion too. It gives kids a chance to think about what they want to say before a whole class discussion and it gives them a chance to see what others are thinking.

If you haven’t tried Padlet, I encourage you to check it out.

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