WellCon–Presentations on Wellness

We have this great short unit in reading where the kids research a topic concerning wellness. They start out learning general information and then narrow their focus as they learn more. We use this unit to reinforce Webb’s Depth of Knowledge question levels.

This year we decided to showcase the learning with a conference-type activity that we call Wellcon. Tomorrow is the big day where one or two presentations from each of our classes will be shown to all fifth graders in a common venue.

The class has seen all groups’ presentations and voted on the one to represent the class. After Wellcon, another class will come and view our projects and we will view theirs.

My students used freemium versions of Biteable, Powtoon, and Thinglink. They used Google Slides and Poll Everywhere too.

Some of these need some proofreading. Also, because they were created with free versions, they can’t be downloaded or shared in certain ways. We also ran into some access issues so if you aren’t allowed to view it, I apologize.

Project 1

Project 3

Project 4

Project 5

Project 6

Project 7

Project 8

Project 9

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