Formative Assessment Tools That Really Work

One of my favorite tools to use to assess what kids know in science is Padlet. I also really like the 3-2-1 format. Combine those with Google Draw and the results are pretty amazing. I can tell at a glance who gets what and who doesn’t quite grasp the concepts. Padlet lets you edit the post, too. Getting a shareable link is a snap in Padlet. (I remember when it was Wall Wisher.) It is very easy to use.

Today we watched a lesson on atmospheric pressure using Nearpod. Afterward, the kids were to complete a 3-2-1 (3 vocabulary words, 2 facts, 1 drawing) to show something they learned. I have the kids snip their Google drawing but you can actually download it as a jpeg. We have a few hiccups with picture sizes but otherwise, I like what they were able to do. Many are not yet finished but this gives you an idea.

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