Kno, Collaborize and more

There are so many apps out there that it is hard to keep up with them all.  I can see real potential in Kno which offers many e-textbooks to teachers and students.  The real potential for me with my fifth graders is creating textbooks with all of the Kno features by adding PDFs.  We introduced an immigration unit last year and a lot of the info is over our kids’ heads.  I think our team could create PDFs with the information at a kid friendly level and then use the Kno site to turn them into e-texts.  Check out this article from THE Journal.

Collaborize is more than just getting kids to collaborate on schoolwork.

This goes beyond Google Doc sharing and blogging by putting it together and giving the students more opportunity to initiate discussions.

Flubaroo is another tool that works with Google to help teachers grade.

Google has so much potential.  Have you seen Google Goggle?  Google Voice?  Google Forms?