iPhone 5 in my Future?

September 12th is the big day for the release of the much anticipated iPhone 5 or whatever they will call it.  I think it is about time I upgrade my phone from the sad, six-year old Nokia to a flashy iPhone.  I want to talk to Siri and have her talk to me!  I’ll never be alone again.  Ha.

I think I’ll wait until the end of September, maybe even the middle of October to see what gives.  Although I wouldn’t mind having a new phone with me at Camp Taiwan.  We’ll see.

Stay tuned.  There could be a new picture of my iPad and my new iPhone on this blog soon.

The Horizon Report and More

Looking for some great weekend reading?  Want something to reignite your passion for technology and teaching?  If so, I’ve got what you need–The Horizon Report.  Here is the link to the PDF: 2012-horizon-report-K12

This is a chart that Ruben Puentedura put together using The Horizon Report’s trend predictions color-coded to reflect these aspects: social, visual, gaming, mobility, and storytelling.  His is a fascinating view of how technology fits into the human condition.



Dumb Phone…

You can see in this picture old and new technology.  My brand new iPad and my six year old Nokia phone.  (I also have a one year old MacBook Pro.)  I’m considering buying a new phone but thought I might wait and see what the new iPhone 5 (or whatever they call it) has to offer.  I like having unlocked phones so I can use it in the US and Taipei but an unlocked iPhone is cost prohibitive.  Stay tuned to see if I bite the bullet on a new phone.