Two New Classes Started

My second of four USD classes started this week.  It is about social media.  My class is embracing Edmodo and I’m thrilled about that.  I am excited to see what else we can do related to social media like activating the classroom Twitter account.

Here is a video that I thought was especially well done about how to give the kids the skills they need for the future.

MacArthur Foundation

The other course is about flipping my classroom.  I am doing some of that now but would love to know how to do it more, especially with fifth graders.


USD Class Has Begun

I’m excited to be working with mobile technology again in this class.  So far it has been reading about trends and exciting projects that are possible and that are being done by others.  That’s okay.  It is a baseline for what we need to know and where we are.  I’m excited about the text for this class: Educational Technology for School Leaders by Lynne Schrum.

With every class, I get more and more resources to check and to help keep me current.  Image

The instructor of this class is Michael Hoy and he works for Apple Education.