Dabble–Download at your own risk!

I found a great new game app ($1.99) called Dabble.  I’m going to project it and play it with the kids or have a couple at a time play it while we project it.  It is going on a list of cool vocabulary games that I think parents should have their kids do at home.  It looks like this:


It is a timed game.  The object is to move the letter tiles around to create a six letter word, a five letter word, a four letter word, a three letter word, and a two letter word before time runs out.  Each letter tile has points.  I am already addicted to this one.

Other vocabulary games I like are: Bookworm, Word Mess, and WS Free.  I also got the app Rootology which helps you learn Latin and Greek roots and prefixes and suffixes.  It is a bit on the rote side.